2017 Ford Escape Named Best New SUV

The 2017 Ford Escape topped cars.com's list of this year's compact SUV. A panel of judges reviewed all the vehicles in this class, all makes and models, and in the end, the redesigned Escape comes out on top. 
"The 2017 Escape is a great-driving small SUV, now with more features for the money" cars.com judges said. 
Each SUV was judged on a 10-point scale in a number of categories: 
  • Interior Quality
  • Comfort
  • Child-Safety Seats
  • Cargo and in-cabin storage
  • Tech and Entertainment
  • Handling
  • Acceleration
  • Ride
  • Noise
  • Worth the money
So why the Escape? Cars.com said technology, safety, and "the little things," put the Ford up top. Ford's new SYNC 3 Infotainment System was the deal breaker. 
Judges called it clean and easy to use and said it's the best multimedia system in the group. Ford SYNC3 replaced the unpopular MyFord Touch. It's a touch-screen in three quadrants where it's easy to control your radio, media, Bluetooth, navigation and apps. Ford SYNC3 features easy to reach and easy to use buttons, and voice activation is better than ever. 
Plus the Ford Escape offers Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Your phone and your car are safely in-sync on the new Ford Escape, so it's safe and easy to focus and road while taking advantage of hands-free phone calls, text messages and phone apps.
The Escape was no. 1 with noise and ride quality. Judges said it has the best driving dynamics and handled great over bumps. It's also the quietest cabin and the best on a long road trip. 
Child-Safety Seats were also a deciding factor in Ford's win. Exposed latch anchors make car-seat installation safe and easy. 
Finally, small touches like ample front storage areas for phones and other pocket items help pushed the Escape over the top. 
Ford beat the competition, including the Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V and Kia Sportage. 
The redesigned 2017 Ford Escape is here today. It's completely redesigned inside and out with brand-new style and all the best modern technology. Plus two new EcoBoost engines help make this the most fuel efficient Escape ever!
Read our complete review, and contact us today to park cars.com's top SUV in your driveway.

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